This video contains footage from a rodeo.Starts of with a series of close shots of riders attempting to stay on bucking horses. Shots of them being thrown off and then chased by horses. Announcer commentates and makes jokes. Shot of multiple horses coming out of stables at same time, riders attempt to stay on. Shot of a horse drawn carriage race around the arena. Shot of rider on horse racing around arena, he turns around on saddle and does a handstand on back of moving horse. Shot of another horse racing into the frame with American flag in background. Rider is standing on the back of two horses that jump over a high hurdle. rider falls off. Shot of small boy swinging on and off saddle of horse. Shot of Rider on horse doing a sideways handstand on the side of saddle. Shot of cowgirl swinging a lasso around, looping it around man and horse that rides by. Shot of horses riding on either side of bull, shot of man wrestling bull. Announcer commentates and jokes about man’s attempt.

Not Explicit