Shot of a South America map. Zoom in on southern Chile. Shot of a shore with a tree and a boardwalk in the background. Shot of a field with a long fence across it. Shot of a small house near a lake with greenery surrounding it. Shot of a farm with several buildings and a silo with sheep walking in front. Shot of a man with a cowboy hat on a horse riding by a fence on the farm. Shot of a carriage with bags of goods attached to two cows and ridden by a man. Shot of women and children entering a building. Shot of a cattle herder herding cattle. Shot of men with hats mounting horses. Shots detailing the appearance of the cattleherders including a look at the spur on their shoes. Shot of a fence with a field and a tractor in the background. Shot of a man on the tractor plowing a field. Shot of many adults at an outdoor market. Shot of vegetables on display. Shot of women with baskets conversing. Shot of a small shack with a tree next to it.