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Long shot of Winter Olympics site in Innsbruck, Austria with ski ramp. Cuts to two different extreme aerial long shot of immense crowd then to a long shot looking up at a portion of the crowd. Long shot of people working at the Olympics raising the Olympic flag with the iconic rings. Longer shot of the flag being raised with Olympic torch, not yet aflame, to the right in the background. Close up on a group of spectators. Long shot of the flame being lit. Close up of a man filming the proceedings. Cuts back to medium shot of the torch aflame and then to a medium shot of spectators watching. Long shot of America’s only double medal winner, Oregon native, Jean Saubert skiing down slope amidst flags he is using as pathway. He receives third in the slalom and ties for second in the giant slalom. Footage of him skiing downhill continues cutting from aerial to Saubert coming towards the camera and from long to medium to close up shots. Medium shot of crowd in winter clothes (including Russian style Cossack Hats) behind fence. Close up of placard reading “START 500 M” on snow ridden concrete for the Ladies’ Speed Skating Competition. Long shot of four gold medal winner, Lidiya Skoblikova of Russia, skating around the rink. Various shots of her skating in the rink, racing with other women. Medium long shot of crowd around rink watching the competition. Cuts to the Men’s 500 Meter race where we see a male skaters racing. Narrator says that this was the event where America won her only gold medal. Long shot of Terry McDermott skating as narrator details that he broke the Olympic Record. Medium shot of crowd spectating as well as a man filming the event. Reverse aerial long shot back to McDermott skating. Long shot of spectators. Close up of a Terry being interviewed amidst crowd. Close up of a bobsled rail being polished or waxed. Long shot of men preparing bobsleds for the Olympic Event. Narrator describes an upset in this game as well. Medium long shot of fans. Medium aerial shot of Canadian bobsled running down the icy and curvy track as they beat out the favored Italians who usually dominate the event. Close up of a blonde female spectator in a furry hat watching with binoculars smiling. Long shot of bobsled coming around a corner as people watch. Bobsled rides towards camera at the end of the race as the crowd runs to congratulate the two brothers, Vic and John Emery. Medium shot of the brothers getting out of the sled and taking their helmets off with people around them. Close up of the gold medals for them on a cushion. Long shot of the award ceremony where the medals are placed around their necks. Medium long shot of crowd going wild and raising their hands into the air.