Medium close up of female phone operator over her shoulder as she works. Close up of her hand as she plugs and unplugs cords in and out of the controller. Close up over her shoulder on her hands as she looks through cards and data base to write down how much a certain customer owes. Close up on a brunette operator as she talks on her headset. The narrator introduces the subject of emergency calls. Close up on another brunette operator with blue sweater on. Cuts to medium long shot of a woman in her home calling an operator to tell them that there was a car crash (which one can see through her window). Closer shot as she continues to converse with operator. Long shot of explosive fire which seems to be at some sort of industrial site. Beautiful, young operator is imposed over the footage of the fire as she earnestly talks on her headset. Scene fades into a hurricane with palm trees blowing fervently in the wind. A different operator is imposed over this footage. Footage of forest fire fading to an operator talking on her headset. Cuts to long shot of street scene then construction site. medium shot of worker using a crane. Long shot of crane building an edifice. Shots of construction equipment and workers building homes. Long shot of a group of young men in button down shirts talking to one another in a plant work center. They are telephone installers. Medium close up of boss and new installer as he gets his assignment for the day.