This clip explains what goes on at Aerojet, the rocket manufacturing company, by showing employees at work in various departments of the business.Shot of a large sea vessel with a rocket, the Aerobee, shooting off the back of it up into the air. CU of a flow chart, then aerial shot of the Aerojet facility. Shot of a man in a lab coat working on solid engines and chemical development, then two men in jumpsuits work on a liquid engine. Another man works in electronics and guidance by checking out some switches on a large machine. Brief shot of a rocket going off underwater, then there is another shot of people in lab coats working on rockets. CU of a quality control manual, then shot of men in white jumpsuits working on rocket testing. CU of a manual that says Architect Engineer Services. Then shots of suited men examining papers and rocket components. Manuals are stacked on top of each other, then there is a dissolve to a filing or archive room. A man hands a file to a woman seated at a desk. Another aerial shot, this time of the main Aerojet plant. Shot of some apparatus digging at a construction site, then shots of buildings and men working at the rocket testing facility. Excellent shots of rocket propellants shooting off follow.