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Film celebrating California's centennial. People carrying banner in Pasadena parade which says, "58th Annual Tournament of Roses." Shot of parade float with women in white gowns holding red roses. More shots of floats made of flowers: float made to look like a baby, float for city of Los Angeles, float with elephant and donkey emphasizing voting and election day, float of George Washington and Washington D.C., float of windmill. Shots of Spanish-style buildings in Santa Barbara. Shot of men on horses in traditional Spanish dress. Shot of San Bernardino County Courthouse. Shots of Lake Arrowhead. Shot of signpost which says, "Pomona Quartermaster Depot/ Remount" and another sign: "This property founded 1925..." Shots of horse farm, horses. Shot of brown Arabian horse in Spanish-style courtyard. Similar shot of grey horse in Spanish-style courtyard.