Details Mussolini and Nazi rise during WWII including invasion of Ethiopia.Opens with long shot, slightly aerial of Nazi, soldier procession walking towards the camera away from the Colosseum. Cut to closer shot of soldiers marching from right to left side of screen. Medium-long shot of Hitler saluting soldiers with Mussolini standing next to him. Back to shot of soldiers marching from right to left of the screen. Cut back to medium shot of Hitler, Mussolini, and other officials. Shots of bombs falling from plans from plane POV. Cut to the ground where narrator describes Italian soldiers invading Ethiopia. Soldiers bombing from ground cut with shots of bombs falling in the sky. Long shot of people running from left to ride side of screen. Then army tanks driving from left to ride side of the screen shooting fire. A smoking Ethiopian hut or structure after having been incinerated. Four Ethiopians in white cloth walking towards Nazis as they bow down to them. Close shot of sign for “Assemblee Societe de Nations” over an entry way. Emperor Haile Selassi of Ethiopia walking towards camera at station. Cut to long shot of League of Nations congregation then reverse shot of men stepping up to podiums, including Haile Selassi in front of congregation. Medium shot getting closer of Selassi speaking to the congregation of the dangers of fascism. Close up of Italian Black Shirt soldier’s face with skeleton on beret. Mussolini decorates returning veterans in public. Shot of Nazi flags billowing in the wind. Shot of Nazi procession walking towards camera. Long shot of war officials from behind saluting soldiers. Return to marching, long to medium shots. Cut to officials with them slightly facing camera, including Mussolini. Long shot of plane rolling on ground as it comes towards camera. Long shot of Nazi crowd with Nazi flags. Shot of Edouard Daladier walking towards camera with other men. Shot of world flags billowing in the wind.