Begins with CU of large purple circle, the words ‘Grand Opening’ appear, zoom out, a balloon with ‘sale’ appears, then another with ‘buy now’. Track down to the balloon’s strings tied to an ‘Advertising Specialties’ sign. Cuts to a revolving display table with 2 rectangular figures (one looks like a miniature train.) Cuts to a drawing of 2 businessmen, text: Need Help in determining your best media buy? Page turns to: Consider This... a pencil and The Wall Street Journal. followed by text. Cuts to a Wall Street Journal pencil coming out of a box. Cuts to a revolving Wall Street Journal mug. MCU of the 3 items. Cuts to cartoon skyline of roofs, antennas, and the moon, PAN down to houses, lights are turned on, the word: Television appears. Film countdown appears. Fade in to a front door, a woman opens it and 2 Raggedy Ann style dolls stand with a wagon filled with MD toilet paper. The dolls are animated and one holds up a package of the toilet paper, the other whispers to hold it higher. She whispers again and passes various MD products including: napkins, facial tissues, and papers towels. The doll lists the various colors of the products, then asks whether the woman will purchase any. The woman’s hand appears and strokes the doll’s hair. Cuts to the 2 dolls with the wagon and MD products in a driveway. CU of the doll’s face as she speaks. The logo for Georgia-Pacific appears in place of the doll’s face.

Not Explicit