This clip is an advertisement for becoming an advertiser. Begins with a print ad: Should your son become an advertising man... like Jack? Cuts to photo of a woman at a desk, gnawing on her pen. Various print ads appear. CU: Should your daughter become an advertising woman... like Marilyn? Woman gnawing pencil in bottom left corner, pocket watch in right. Fade in to a woman in a small office, she is drawing. CU of her face. MS as she draws. CU of her drawing of a woman in a dress. CU of her painting equipment, she rubs her paintbrush on a white paper. Cuts to a different paint canvas and a large paintbrush. A blonde woman stands by the Golden Gate painting, waves crash around her. CU of hands and pencils on paper. 2 women are looking at the paper. MS of a women sitting around a table, mannequins in BG. Shot of a woman skiing, she falls on her knees. Cuts to the woman taking a photograph. An Asian woman in a kimono and holding a parasol poses. Cuts to a room full of people looking up, shot of the room as a woman addresses all of them. CU of a hand placing an egg yolk into a glass. The woman and a man sit at a table in a fancy restaurant. Cuts to her writing, various shots of her face. In her office, she looks at a painting with another woman. It is a fashion print ad, she writes something on the side before handing it to the woman. Write Your Local Advertising Club.