This clip contains different print ad winners of 1965, and features animated intros. Begins with an introduction for 1st place awards in the newspapers category; various buildings made of newspapers: building, sports stadium, movie theater. NEWSPAPERS appear. Cuts to a print ad: What moving man in his right mind would want to work in San Francisco? Features various photos of steep hills and 2 men moving a couch. Cuts to 3 comics on note cards, CU of them, they all feature a wife talking to her husband as he thinks: Jack Lemmon, Virna Lisi, “How to Murder Your Wife”. Cuts to a paper ad: The Chartered Bank of London, features a photo of a jeweled crown, zoom out to an abstract painting of the British flag. CU of a man in a delicatessen surrounded by meat. Cuts to print ad: “Most of our tenants can’t wait to move in...” zoom out to 3 of these ads. Cuts to 3 ads for Manning’s. Cuts to an animated drum with drumsticks. The drum turns: Public Service Award as the drum turns into a medal. Zoom out to a picture of a kid.