In this clip, two boys finish their work in making a porch area for a model of a house. They then determine the way the sun will hit their new porch using a hot lamp.The clip opens on the two boys continuing their work on the model by placing a piece on it. Next, they work on the gable roof, now that the porch they added to the model house fits in. They spin the model, then look confused about something. A pencil is placed on one side of the house to showcase symmetry. CU of a window to also show how it is symmetrical. Shots of geometric forms in buildings, mostly with rectangles and squares incorporated into the designs. LS of a railway, then MS of a train going by. Camera pulls in on the wheels turning. CU of a printing press stacking papers, then ELS of a city. Aerial shot of some farms. The boys look at a pamphlet that describes angles related to sunlight. One of the boys grabs a hot lamp so they can figure out lighting as related to their new porch. They line up the lamp with what would be the angle of the sun.