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Video opens with Grace Moore, an opera singer, standing in front of an orchestra. The room is very dark, but her face is illuminated. Moore sings part of John Payne’s “Home, Sweet Home,” then stops to talk about how thousands of unemployed men and women are struggling. She asks viewers to help them by sharing their good fortune. She resumes singing as a newspaper with the headline “Depression Cripples U.S.” fills the screen. Camera zooms in on a photo in the newspaper of a man holding a sign that reads “unemployed.” The still picture changes to a moving clip of people walking past the sign-holder. Then people in winter coats walk along a sidewalk, past a long line of people stretched along buildings. A man sets up what looks like a small food-selling stand on a stack of wooden crates. People stand around with their breaths visible in the cold. A man on a bench sews a piece of clothing. Another man on a bench is slumped over (as if in defeat) with his elbows on his knees and his head in his arms. Video cuts to shot of a windmill with sun glaring between its blades as sounds of fierce winds play. Shot of dust/dirt blowing over barren land. A muddy road leads to a few buildings and a school house. A little girl peers out of an open doorway as wind blows her hair; the door is leaning against the wall at a crooked angle, held up only by the bottom hinge. The narrator speaks of shattered dreams, despair, fear and homeless, hungry Americans as clips of what seem to be farmers piling their possessions at the side of the road play. One family stands at the side of the road as a car passes, kicking up dust in their faces. Herbert Hoover speaks at a Welfare and Relief Mobilization Conference about hope coming out of charity. Clips of a line of men, then a line of children, entering soup kitchens. Children take bowls from a counter and sit at long tables to eat.