This newsreel contains footage of the missile crisis between the US and Cuba, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby. Begins with WS of a crowd in Cuba. MS of Fidel Castro yelling into a microphone and pounding his fists. Aerial of a plane. MS of a pilot looking into a telescope. Map of nuclear weapon station in Cuba. MCU of Kennedy in the Oval Office, he speaks into the microphones at his desk, addressing the nation. WS of a US Navy plane flying over a Naval Ship. PAN of a ship with suspected nuclear weapons. CU STILL of Kennedy. MS of a parade for Kennedy in Texas, he and Jackie are seen waving from the convertible. POV from a car in the parade. Various shots of people in the crowd, young girls wave, a man lies on the grass with his baby. Driving shot on a road with a car in front. MS of the hospital in which Kennedy died. A young girl in glasses cries into her hands, turning away from the camera. CU of a black woman crying into her hands. MS of a line of people at a newspaper stand. CU of a hand holding an Extra newspaper reading: President Dead Shot by Assassin. PAN of Lee Harvey Oswald being led down a hallway by his arms by 2 officers. CU of the gun used in the assassination being held up. Ends with famous footage of Oswald being led from the station and being shot by Jack Ruby.