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In this continuation of an erotic cartoon story of Hansel and Gretel, the witch, Festercunt, is dominated and then thrown in an oven, leaving Hansel and Gretel and all the forest animals to fornicate peacefully like before.The clip opens on the witch operating a sex machine that she uses to stretch Gretel’s vagina. The bird that is helping Hansel seems very concerned over this. Two pigs copulate outside and have funny sex talk, then back in the cottage the witch eats Gretel out as Gretel pulls some sort of flaming vegetable out of the oven for the witch to extinguish in her vagina. The smoke is released through a penis chimney on top of the cottage. Gophers fornicate below ground, then the smoke from the chimney gives Hansel a giant penis. Hansel escapes, then pole vaults with it into the chimney of the house. He then has sex with Festercunt, his giant penis coming out through her mouth. Sperm comes out of the chimney penis, which a cat then licks up. The witch flies out of the house and is knocked out on the floor in front of an oven. With the help of some animals, the witch is placed in the oven. In the last shot, Hansel and Gretel have sex as the forest animals, pigs, squirrels, gophers, and rabbits, copy them.

Not Explicit