Descriptive “Building for the Ages!” film. Man tilts relief of Jesus with children and adults towards the camera. Man demonstrates how a drill machine can use this master carving as a guides; guide drill placed on carving and seven other drills attached by a pole follow its movements. CU carving the face of Jesus with the machine. Shots of workers making chair parts using machines. Workers turn to show the camera their success. Cut to three ladies in nice clothing sit on fold-down auditorium chairs that are in pairs; girl with empty seat next to herself folds it down. Cut to man, with only some of body in frame, stands nest to velvet theater chair to fold down the seat, in a display area surrounded by velvet curtains. Cut to office chair in area. Cut to school chair with desk attachment; top of desk opens and chair wiggles. Shot down aisle of church from back of church; MS of alter. Cut to boy standing on wooden tower with American flag and flag “The Yard” flown above him.