Film explaining three steps of hybridization for apple trees. Four men graft branches with roots at a table, to make hybrid trees. CU one man’s hands grafting; cuts branches/roots and notches them and fits them together. Man uses a peculiar tape dispenser to wrap the graph teeth together; pile of wrapped grafts one side of the table, unwrapped to the other. Shot of men sawing off branches of the result to use for grafting; CU hands collecting. Man straightens bundle; CU hands tying with thread. MS of warehouse. Shot of man in cap and plaid shirt grafting, splicing ends of branches. Two men harvest branches of this result for the final graft stage. Shots of planting tractor driving through flourishing, green trees. Preparing baby hybrid trees for distribution, group of about seven men strip leaves from these; tractor drives with attachment to loosen soil; workers bundle trees onto truck.