This clip shows how bowling balls are manufactured. WS of man using machine to place plastic rings on the bottom of bowling pins. MS of bowling pin being placed into a box full of more bowling pins and being pushed away on a roll conveyor. MS of sheets of mineralaite placed on a drying rack. MS of cured mineralite being folded into a mold. MS of mineralite being pressed into shape. MS of hard cores being placed in a cover. WS of press closing, excess mineralite oozing out and man pulling it off. WS of many ball being pulled out from being cured / vulcanized. MS of man using file to roughly trim off the excess waste on the ball. MS of bowling ball being placed onto a machine which forms it into a perfect sphere. WS of man performing drop test by dropping the bowling ball onto the floor and catching it. WS of women working on machines. CU of trademark being engraved onto a bowling ball. MS of finger grip holes being drilled into bowling balls. CU of finger holes on balls. WS of man assembling a classroom chair. Man hammering chair. WS of chairs being tested if they will stack and generally inspected. WS of man stacking tables, moving chairs and testing to see if a desk lid will close slowly.

Not Explicit