This newsreel features the Apollo 13 and America’s economic issues, and clashes between police and Black Panthers; VO plays throughout. Begins with a shot of Earth from space. Interior of Apollo 13 and 2 astronauts. Men at the Houston control room, an astronaut is heard saying, “Houston we’ve had a problem.” Cuts to various signs and newspapers commenting on Apollo 13. Cuts to interior shots of the spacecraft and the astronauts inside. 2 men in Houston control room. Pan of control room. Zoom out from a portable television, many people surround it. Zoom out from a large crowd watching a projector. People watching the projector. Cuts to the parachute opening from the Apollo 13. Cuts to Houston control room as men watching the screen clap. Cuts to Apollo 13 landing safely in water. Zoom out from ‘The Market Today’ sign. Interior of the stock exchange. Zoom in to stock numbers. Cuts to various shots of laid off businesses, empty parking lots, building, signs. Cuts to various shots of houses for sale. Zoom out from an ‘Information Applications’ sign, many people wait in a line. Zoom out from a ‘Job Openings’ sign. Various shots of produce and price tags. Night shots of men hiding, one behind a car, the other by a telephone pole; VO discusses police and Black Panther clashes. Cuts to a policeman running with a gun. Cuts to a police unit, high grass in foreground. Police accompany 2 African American men who have been handcuffed to each other. A drawing of a black man with a rifle.