This newsreel contains footage of black panther supporters, damage from a bombing in Greenwich Village, a burned down building in Wisconsin, burning buses in Denver, racial integration in Southern school districts, President Nixon and selection of a Supreme Court Judge. Begins with a drawing of a black man holding a gun and a book, cuts to photos of members of the Black Panther Party, cuts to a man selling newspapers. Crowds outside of the courthouse. Several policemen. People supporting the Black Panthers and waving red flags. Mayday rally in New Haven to support Panthers. Smoke coming out of a building in Greenwich Village, firefighters and men in construction hats fill the streets. A destroyed Army Research Center at the University of Wisconsin.Buses burning at night. Cuts to shots at a desegregated school in the South, various shots of students in classrooms. A white boy, zoom out to show a mostly black student body. President Nixon and Attorney General John Mitchell in an office. A door with the sign ‘Committee on the Judiciary Hearing Room’, shot of the interior as men in suits sit behind a circular desk. 3 men in suits sitting behind a desk with microphones. Shot of Nixon. Cuts to Judge Harry Blackmun putting on a judiciary robe outside a courthouse.