This is a newsreel about the election in England, The Beatles arriving in the USA, natural disasters, and protests in Brazil. Begins with WS of the Parliament building in England. Cuts to MCU of Sir Alec Douglas-Home speaking into microphones. Cuts to various shots of rival Harold Wilson speaking to a crowd. Cuts to people in a crowd yelling in anger. Cuts to MCU of a polling station sign. Cuts to MS of people counting ballots. Cuts to WS of a crowd cheering. Cuts to various shots of Harold Wilson, the new prime minister, fade out. Fade in to 2 shots of girls screaming and crying. Cuts to MS of The Beatles at a microphone, the press sits in FG. MCU of Paul and Ringo. Cuts to PAN of female fans cheering and waving. Cuts to various shots of hurricanes in Florida, waves crash onto sidewalks, flooded street in front of a motel, women with dresses blowing in the wind. Cuts to WS of a tornado. Cuts to protests in Brazil, troops enter. Cuts to MCU of Carlos Lacerda. Various shots of communist propaganda including paperwork and photographs.