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This newsreel contains footage of people dancing the twist, dogs the Soviet Union had sent to space, the US Air Force retrieving nose cones, and student sit-ins. Begins with CU of a woman dancing the twist. CU of a woman with pearls smiling and clapping. MS of a woman dancing the twist, people dancing around her. CU of a woman dancing to the camera and laughing. CU of an old man in glasses smiling. PAN of people at a party dancing the twist. Cuts to white text against black background: ‘Advance into Space’. Cuts to WS of a rocket being launched. MCU of 2 small dogs sent into space for 24 hours by the Soviet Union. Cuts to various shots of US airplanes retrieving nose cones. WS of the cone being caught. MS of 2 soldiers’ silhouettes crouching by the opening of the plane. WS of the plane and the nose cone behind it.