Depicts interesting events in the 1957, including the Asian flu, the polio vaccination, space travel, May Flower the Second, etc. WS of civilians and nurses in a clinic setting. WS of people lining out outside hospital. WS of people waiting inside the hospital for treatment. MS of children, babies and adults of different ethnicity who were affected with the Asian flu. WS of planes and ships. WS of people traveling on ships. EWS of schools. WS of empty classrooms and gym. MS of a nurse injecting a shot on a man’s arm. CU of the shot. MS of children lining up to receive shots from the doctor. WS of a doctor injecting a shot on a kid’s arm. A CU of the kid’s pain-stricken face. MS of a man speaking about the decrease in polio cases after the vaccine came out. MS of a man harvesting a plant. MS of a machine producing cigarettes. CU of men and women smoking. WS of a plane called B-52, which flew around the world in 45 hours. WS of a helium balloon in which an air force doctor flew in about 20 miles. WS of a Russian plane. More shots of planes. LS of May Flower the Second, a replication of the first May Flower. MS of an Indian and a White man.