Clip of an Asian family in Dallas and New Orleans. Open on a LS of an Asian family in the shade of a tree in a forest. A little girl walks past a tree. Next in LS we see children playing in a stream with lots of large rocks as the mother looks on. In the next shot we see a perspective from the side of the children playing, with trees in BG. There is one more shot looking down on the kids. A title card indicates that the next shots took place in Dallas. There is a tilt down of a building as cars go by in front of it. Next, there is a pan across the tops of the city buildings, evidently shot from the high up in one of them. Next we see a shot through the hotel window of some cars below, then a movement up shows more of the city and a freeway passing through it. Cut to a CU of a Neiman Marcus sign, then a WS of members of the family walking down a street. Title card, “NEW ORLEANS”, then a CU of a sign that says “ROYAL ORLEANS”. Family walks into the hotel through a door, and the man waves at the camera before going inside. MS of a lantern outside the hotel, with a glimpse of some wrought iron scrollwork above it. Tilt down of the front of building, then a pan of the rooftops outside the hotel. The next shot is closer to one rooftop than the one before, showing some chairs and tables. In the following shot the women of the family sit in these chairs, and one lights her cigarette. The last shot is a movement starting with a LS of the street with a movement up the street as a church tower comes in view.

Not Explicit