This clip is one of two that shows the Palace of Fine Arts at the world’s fair of 1915 in San Francisco, also known as the Panama-Pacific International Exhibition. A VO accompanies the images. The opening shots are in LS of people in white dresses that seem to be dancing within the Palace of Fine Arts. Next is a panning LS of the lagoon at the palace, as a boat sails by. Another panning shot of the dancers at the Palace follows, before a WS pan of men waving there hats comes. There is a freeze frame on Charlie Chaplin dressed as the Tramp in this line of men, and a circle on screen highlights his presence. There is a cut to a VLS of people in front of the Palace of Machinery walking around. Next is a shot of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Luther Burbank in MS gathered together for the shot. Ford shows his complete auto assembly plant as the camera pans across his factory. Burbank shows off his cactus in MS, before a panning LS of an automated post office. Next is a medium shot of Edison in a crowd. Following shots show this crowd, as well as Mrs. Edison. Next is a panning shot of baby incubators, cut off at the end of this clip.