This is a trailer for a movie called “Angels- As Hard as They Come!” It depicts a war or fight between two motorcycle gangs rival gangs. It begins with a WS of two men on motorcycles/ choppers pulling into a town. A CU of a man’s face. Men on motorcycles forming a line. A CU of a man on a chopper waving a rod, A MS of a man trying to get away from a group. A man smashes a bottle on his face. Shots of people on motorcycles causing chaos and wrecking things. A man punches another man and he flies backward through a window. Cuts to a man breaking a chair over the head of a different man. A CU of a man yelling. A guy getting punched in the gut. A man being dragged by rope behind a motorcycle. A CU of the rear of the bike. A CU of the man being dragged. A different shot of the man being dragged. A MS of a woman talking to a man. A CU of the man’s face. A MS of a man talking. A MS of a man yelling. A CU of a man’s face. A man screaming on a bike racing toward the camera. A man falls down. Pieces of wood fall. A different man falls. He lands on the ground, the title “Angles- As Hard as they Come!” superimposed over the footage. Fades to a sign saying that the trailer for the movie just shown is rated ‘R.’