This clip contains footage of the invasion of Normandy, with some at the end of Omaha Beach. Open on a MS of a soldier climbing down a ladder, then a LS of missiles being shot from a ship. We see the missiles land and smoke soar into the air with a boat in FG. LS pan of a plane traveling low to the water. WS of a small boat full of soldiers speeding through the water. Shots of more missiles going off and men on boats, preparing to land on the beaches of Normandy. MWS of doors opening on the boat and soldiers running out. LS of all the soldiers on the beach with boat in FG. WS of Big Ben, then some other LSs of the city. LS at the Ministry of Defense in London, the seated people all run out the door after being briefed. CU of newspapers being printed, then a Cu of one of the papers being shown to the camera reading “INVASION”. Shots of people reading the paper, one shot of a sign for “INVASION DAY PRAYERS”. Next come shots of Omaha Beach, including men being carried from the water and other men looking sadly into the camera.