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This clip shows am army preparing their defenses. LS of vehicles driving along a road. MS of two men talking. LS of men digging. WS of man using pickaxe. CU of pickaxe hitting the earth. CU of jackhammer hitting the ground. WS of men digging. CU of man burying mine with sand. WS of multiple men burying mines. LS of men digging and working. MS of men working. MS of men setting up a machine gun turret. CU of men setting up mortars. MS POV of men placing net on top. MS of man standing on vehicle using binoculars. Many different quick shows of weapons being fired. LS of shots fire hitting the ground. Cut to airplanes flying in the sky. MS of three men with two using the anti air artillery. MS of airplane. ELS of plane diving and MS of Anti Air Artillery shooting that plane.