Second clip featuring diamonds, this one of the Orloff/Orlov diamond and the Southern Star diamond. Same CU of the Orloff diamond from before. An “oriental idol” is on screen in MS, before a cut back to the CU of the diamond. ECU of the diamond shining. WS of Czar Nicholas II walking down steps. Cut to him and his family climbing into a carriage in LS, a crowd in BG. Next is a CU of the “Southern Star Diamond”. There is a LS of a donkey and wagon coming toward the camera in a location the VO identifies as Brazil. Cut to a LS of a Confederate ball, with a MS of dancing. A LS in another part of the mansion shows people running, the VO states that it is Robert E. Lee’s home and that the diamond was stolen from his wife there. Cut to the CU of the diamond once again. CU of the diamonds in the briefcase as the clip ends.