River flowing towards camera, surrounded by stark trees. Pan of river/lake. Runoff dam with water rushing out. Pan of much larger storage dam, only top portion visible. A small fountain of water coming out of the ground connected to a water trough next to a crop field; a man with a shovel doing some work. Lines of pretty trees with white blossoms; sprinklers spraying water. Large mechanical plow going over dirt, driving away from camera. Chicken sheds with sprinklers on top and water runoff from the side. MS of a man lighting a small fire under a citrus tree. Two men in overcoats and hats, in the rain, get out of car and put change into a meter. Low angle of wind arrow/weather vane set against sky blue background. Meteorologists hunched over maps and graphs ; map of California on back wall. Silly drawing of a man in a weather bureau machine pouring rain over two guys talking about how the forecasts are getting better. Man with glasses typing at typewriter. One man hands puts a new map on another man’s desk with other maps and clipboards all over. Map focusing on the western part of the US, with blue arrows appearing to show the airflow going downward from Alaska and red arrows coming from the Hawaii area. MS of man looking at an instrument to measure air pressure, CU of instrument. Anemometer and wind vane. CU of instrument with dials for wind direction and speed. CU of temperature scale. MS of graph readout of temperature changes. MS of man closing door of machine and checking circular instrument.