POV from front seat of car of snowy, forest lined road, windshield wipers at work. CU of snowy tree limbs. Snowy forest scene with a small river/brook in the middle of the shot. Diagonal shot of dusk set snowy, forest view: car slowly driving down road with a large truck off to the side. Shot of car coming towards camera and a digger construction vehicle pulling a truck behind it going the opposite way. LS of a man walking away from camera in the snow with trees and benches around him. Train trying to get through huge snow embankment, lots of black smoke coming out the top. Worker up on the side of an electrical pole in the snow. MS of a vehicle pushing snow off the road. Cop car with policeman standing beside on the side of the road while a large truck drives by - “Inland Freight Lines” written on side. LS of a guy fixing his wheel while another is bent over watching. Truck for storing loose materials driving away from camera in the snow. Profile MS of a man writing while looking at a map; closer. Dirty puddle with a few drops. Low angle of clouds moving in. Aerial of extensive snowy mountain range. Clouds giving way to the sun. MS of a woman looking in the mirror at herself in business suit with flower hat on. ELS of snowy mountain in background, small lake in foreground. Snowy path, large trees to the side. Snow up to the slanted roofs on a small cabin. Skier coming down mountain side. Figure eight’s carved in snow on the side of a mountain with a few skiers coming down. Fairly close pan over a bubbling brook. Bare tree branch transitions to a yellow, blossoming tree. Apple tree branches. MS of wheat harvester in a vast field coming towards camera. Workers harvesting crop - through yield in a vehicle. Big cow and small cow, white fence behind them. Nurses holding newborn babies. Hilly green field - wind brushing through the tall grass. Shot with tree trunk in foreground and a pretty yellow/blue sky. Wide shot of the sun coming through the clouds in the horizon on a farm - small silo and buildings visible.

Not Explicit