This clip mostly contains still micro pictures of insects, crystals morphing and patterns of atom under microscope.It starts with a still picture of a flea and still B&W polaroids taken in the microscope of a flea, an ant a spider. This is followed by very abstract, colorful moving shots of crystal growing under the microscope. Towards the middle there is a medium shot of the microscope followed by a close up, pan-down of it. You can see various medium and close up shots of a man working on the microscope, looking through the eyepiece. there is a zoom in shot of a b&w still of a gold crystal atom, followed by several b&w (very patterned looking) still and panning shots of the atomic organization of the matter hand-drawn, computerized and on photographic paper.The last elongated shots are moving captures of the atoms through the microscope. The first is black and white and the second is in color, you can see the vibrations of the matter throughout the shots.