This clip details Benjamin Franklin’s experiments with electricity with stills and shots of his inventions. Open on an exterior of a brick house as the VO states that Ben Franklin was appointed Postmaster General of the United States. Dissolve to some scientific glasses on a shelf. Cut to a vacuum tube in CU, then MS tilt up of an electrostatic generating machine. CU of it working (an orb spins). Shot of an electrical storage battery, another Franklin invention. Dissolve to a wax model of Franklin looking out in the distance (it’s a painting with storm clouds), zoom in on the sky in this window as the VO begins discussing his famous electricity experiment. Simulated rain pours over this painting. MCU of the statue. Shots move around the statue as the VO talks about the experiment, then there is a brief shot of a lightning rod, another of Franklin’s inventions. Shot of a painting of the experiment, then CU of a pamphlet he wrote on experiments on electricity. Shot of another engraving of Franklin near some storm clouds, then CU and zoom out of a map showing the movement of the Gulf Stream. CU then zoom out of a canal. Shot of a painting of Franklin reading a book.

Not Explicit