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Film promoting American capitalism as the best economic system in the world. This clip shows the difference between a Chinese and American worker and how shops would close but people could still find jobs despite inventions making their current ones obsolete. WS of globe spinning then stopping on China. Fade to LS of Chinese mountainous landscape. WS of Chinese man running with two kerosene cans tied to a bamboo stick. MS of American train. WS of Chinese man receiving one coin and smiling. Screen cuts into two and American man receives bag of money labeled with 10 dollars. LS of average railroad worker and equipment with the red text “$20,000.00” above him. Chinese man appears below with his equipment and a coin appears next to him. WS of Chinese man running, fades to American train. CU of man in train. (Possibly the Chinese man) WS of man in uniform giving an yellow envelope to a man behind a desk. who then gives him a coin. MS of man behind desk opening envelope which reads, “No Dividend”. Shocked, the man grabs the coin back. MS of building under construction which then fades to a unfinished building with a closed sign. WS of two men selling possibly fruit for five cents. They look at each other then look away. MS of Joe talking and pulling the lever of the time machine. LS of man working in a shed hammering a wheel. A car / gas mobile comes by explodes creating smoke which covers the entire screen. The man’s shed is now closed as he walks away. WS of man walking one direction looking sad while four men in the background walk the other. Man jumps for joy as he turns around. CU of a sign saying “Gasoline Buggy Co. Help Wanted” All five men walk into the yellow house with that sign.