Film promoting American capitalism as the best economic system in the world. This clip shows a man using a time machine and what work was like in the past and present. MS of man laughing and pointing at time machine screen. WS of man with pipe hammering a wheel with inexpensive hand tools. While man lights a match and then his pipe, zoom into a CU of the man’s biceps / arm muscle where a fraction one over ten and an image of a horse appear. WS of horses running on a conveyor belt inside of a machine. WS of man pulling lever to use machine and stamp / punch holes in paper, metal or plastic. WS of man running out of his work place in different clothes then suddenly slowing down to a leisurely walk. MS of man talking. WS of older men in suits sleeping while a butler dusts them off. WS of poor couple where woman is brushing a man’ long beard. A row of intellectual looking people with a little boy at the end with his piggy bank. WS of man walking across road while holding a piece of paper with the writing policy out in front of himself. MS of a line of men holding a long receipt and biting their nails. WS of “Insurance” building with money marching out. WS of unfinished building, MS of man walking. MS of man using a crate lifter. CU of a cement mixer.

Not Explicit