This clip is from an army sex education video, with information on venereal disease given by a uniformed military doctor. Open on WS of soldiers in uniform in line formation. They march past the camera. Dissolve to LS of an auditorium from behind rows of seated men. A man speaks to the soldiers in front of a curtain. Cut to a MS of the man speaking about why the film will be screened. Cut to shot of the heads of all the men waiting for the film to start. Next, in MS, the film starts, and an officer of the Army Medical Corps speaks to the camera. He talks about venereal diseases, then cut to the men in the crowd watching, projector light overhead. Cut back to the man in the film in MWS. He stands up from his desk and talks about “contact with a contaminated woman”, then there is a dissolve to a soldier’s mouth being examined by a doctor. The doctor puts the sample on a slide and then puts his tool on an open flame as the soldier watches his movements. Cut to the man leaving a slide with another doctor, then we see this man in a lab coat looking through the microscope in MS.