This clip is from an army sex education video, containing a dramatization of a soldier going out and leading up to the announcement of a screening of a sex education film for the soldiers. Open on scrolling text, this time introducing the footage to come and describing it as necessary to view for knowledge. Fade to black, then open on what looks like a LS of an army recreation hall. Men play cards and billiards. In MWS we see the pool table and the game going on. A soldier walks by and his sergeant addresses him. The private states that he’s going out on the town, and the sergeant looks on the man pityingly as he walks out, camera moving in to MS. Another officer comes in the shot and crosses his arms. CU of billiard balls, then cut to CU of record player spinning. MS inside an apartment, a cigar sits on a handrail, still smoking. A shadow comes across the room, and the figure moves into shot as he reaches for the cigar. He, the private from before, smokes it, then reattaches his belt as he walks out. In MWS the sergeant talks to a higher ranking official at a desk, receiving a piece of paper and an order concerning the mandatory screening of a sex health video. CU of this paper pinned to a notice board.