This clip is of an old couple talking about their life together and apart; the man speaks to his granddaughter about his relationship and the woman speaks about painting as well as the man she is with, Opens on card “Fairy tales can come true...” An old man speaks to his granddaughter, who walks in front of him in LS as they walk on a dock to go fishing. In MS he sits fishing and she reclines below him (he wears an angler’s hat or bucket hat). In CU a woman’s old hands with long painted nails organizes some papers on her desk. Cut to a MS of her seated, talking about the documents and brochures she picks up. CU of the man’s granddaughter’s face. MCU of a drawing the old man is working on, then a CU on his face under the hat and sunglasses. CU of paintbrush mixing colors together, then zoom out and pull back and up to show her discussing the price of the paint tubes in MCU. In MWS the old man talks to his granddaughter on the dock; the camera zooms in on her speaking, then the camera moves to him talking. MCU of the old woman talking to the camera in interview, the camera zooms in on her slightly.

Not Explicit