WWII propaganda montage meant to encourage American civilians to “do their part” for the war effort. “We Did It Before and We Can Do It Again” plays. Industrial area with smoke stacks next to train tracks. Various shots of crowds of men walking to work, including one of gates opening to allow a flood of men across a bridge. (These shots include both men in suits and ties as well as men dressed to do labor-type jobs.) Shot of a welder. Men pushing a plane along a track to a row of planes—zooms out to show more rows of planes. Women roll round inflated life rafts. Men mill around rows of tanks. Panning shot of airplanes in hanger. Quick shots of men and women using different tools and putting parts of planes and vehicles together. Cuts to a woman who speaks of all the jobs women are taking over. “Rosie the Riveter” starts to play as female dancers sing and dance to it. Various shots of women riveting in helmets, bandanas and overalls. Then shot of tank rumbling forward as male voiceover speaks proudly of the American working men. “Arms for the Love of America” plays. Various shots of men working in munitions and gun factories. Many different shots of men and women working on airplanes, tanks, jeeps and ships. Ends with a submarine decorated with pendant strings and banners being pushed down a ramp and making a big splash as it hits the water.