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Clip opens in MCU behind a sailor. In BG, there is a ship and a helicopter overhead. Cut to a sign in the sky from an airplane, then zoom out to show sailors on the carrier pointing at it in LS. In MS some sailors drag garlands, we see this in LS as well. Brief LS of some signs ad a crowd, then a WS of sailors gazing into the distance. In MS a sailor points as another sailor looks. Land is in BG. Camera zooms out, shows more sailors looking. Cut to a CU of the two sailors, each of their faces is shown. Next is a MCU of someone inside the carrier looking through an aperture, then a LS of land with a zoom out and back to show the sailors’ heads once more, as well as a radio tower behind them. MS of people on land waving and smiling, some carrying signs. In LS people mill about near the carrier, walking up stairs and a bridge to get onto it. MS of a sailor filming people below, zoom out to show a mother, daughter and stroller on land. LS of the carrier from behind.