Opens to title and credits for Trans Pacific movie. Words in white lettering say, “Saga of the flying clipper ships that span the western sea and link America with lands beyond the sunset.” HDS of sea with the sun on the horizon. Narrator is speaking about man at sea. Cuts to MWS of ships at sea and Magellan is mentioned as the first type, along with the clippers, etc. Cuts to MS of airplane flying in the sky. V.O. speaks of the French, British, Germans, and Dutch racing across two continents, bringing Europe’s industry to the orients market. WS of a map with lines representing a planes course. Between U.S. and China lays 10,000 miles of ocean. MLS of palm tree leaves and the American flag blowing in the wind. V.O. says Pan American Airways under took to meet this challenge and behind it already stood seven, long, successful, years of aerial pioneering. MWS of people and parcels loading on planes. V.O. says, logging 50 million flying miles. Carrying men, mail, and merchandise. WS of airplane in flight above a sunny ocean. V.O., Revolutionizing the tempo of commerce between the three Americas. WS aerial view of Havana. MWS of airplane in the sky. Cuts to aerial view of Rio. WS of the city of Buenos Aires. WLS of the Andes mountain range with a plane flying by. WS of landing airplane in the land of the ancient Incas with llamas in foreground.