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WS of man in bathing suit and top hat, rusher, hugging a man while professing love to a blonde woman, Fanny behind the man he is hugging. Rusher cowers down and looks at man’s jacket. CU of a fraternity pin which has EBP on it. Rusher looks back and forth at mans face and badge. MS of rusher initiating secret handshake. WS of man following actions of prisoner while blonde woman stands watching. MS of men shaking hands. MS of two men holding onto a man with a black eye talking to a maid. Two men rush in to talk to Jimmy, man in bathing suit. One man pushes the man with a black eye out the door. A door falls over and two police officers fall on the floor and enter the scene. Police officers grab Jimmy and the father of Fanny stops them and leads them into another room while carrying a box of cigars. MS of Jimmy asking for the fraternity pin. Father gives it to him and gives a friendly punch to Jimmy’s chin. MS of father and other men smoking cigars. MS of Jimmy talking to Fanny and kisses her several times.