Clip beings with a title screen which states ‘The Place: de la Concorde, Paris’. A MS of a traffic policeman standing in the middle of the street as old fashioned cars trundle by on either side of him. Cuts to a MS of people crossing a similarly busy street. Cuts to a MS of a dog barking from small garden pen, Cuts to a MS of two women arm in arm as they walk up a path towards the camera. Cuts to a MS of a small white dog on a leash, cuts to a MS which reveals a the seated lady who is holding the dogs leash. Cuts to a MS of two ladies as they sit down at bar stools. Cuts to a WS of row boat. Cuts to a inter title screen which says: ‘Janet’s School at Neuilly’. Cuts to a MS of a building front and stairs that lead up to it. From the door of the building 5 women and a dog exit. Cuts to a similar shot of the same women standing together, now with a man and to the left of the stairs of the building. Cuts to a MS of the same people now standing in a garden, below some floral arches and around a white sheet covered table.