This clip contains footage of hitchhikers, cars, and buses driving.Begins with a very packed car driving down an empty road. Cuts to a billboard with Uncle Sam rolling up his sleeve, the sign says: Defend your country enlist now US army. WIPE to another billboard: It takes 8 tons of freight to k.o. 1 Jap Southern Pacific. Cuts to 2 men standing on a curb with their thumbs out hitchhiking, they stand next to a sign: Dayton 47, a car passes in front of the camera. LS of a greyhound bus driving down a highway, mountains in BG. LS of a long road, 2 girls hitchhike on the side. MS of them picking up their suitcases and entering a truck. CU of wheels turning, truck drives away. Cuts to tracking shot as 2 men walk down a dirt path, they hold their thumbs out at cars driving pass. MS of a car driving down a road. POV of a car driving. CU of a train passing over the camera. WS aerial of a train, smoke funnels from the engine, and the shadow of the plane is seen above. LS of cars packed on a highway. More traffic shots, a cop is seen directing traffic. MS of a crowd of people waiting for a bus, it arrives with Paradise Green as the destination. CU of people boarding. A man jumps over a cord to cut in line. MS of a female bus driver shifting gears and driving off.