A man in a straw hat bounces on a trampoline in Central Park, New York. He dances on the trampoline while people dance, sing and play music around it. Shot from above the trampoline, designed with concentric rectangles. A young man on guitar smiles at the camera. The trampolinist leaps high in the air. The skyscrapers bordering Central Park can be seen behind him. A young girl flies a kite. Two little boys play catch. A mother and child ride a bicycle together. A man playing with a soccer ball. A woman in a white shirt wades into a Bethesda fountain. Young people dancing enthusiastically at a concert. A man juggling. A woman in a gold bikini gyrating on a podium. A man wearing a garland of flowers drives a decorated van, pulling a trailer of people with painted faces throwing flowers. One of the girls offers flowers to a man in uniform. The man on the trampoline does flip after flip.