This clip introduces the Bakuba tribe of the Congo, and pays special attention to their king who uses a human being as his throne.Clip opens on tribesmen in Africa riding atop horses, brandishing weapons in celebration. MWS of a man dancing in the middle of the circle. Shots of people playing instruments: drums, flute-like instrument, something like a sitar. The dancer’s skirts twirl round as he spins and plays the sitar. LS of the celebrating, then WS of a man dancing in a hula skirt with a drum. A fat man sits on top of another man, using him as his throne. Men surround him, and another brings him a part of his headdress. The king is dressed in other accessories, including an elaborate shell belt. More men hand him accessories. MS of one tying an anklet on to the king’s leg. He steps up off the man, then walks slowly. Men play instruments as another dances in elaborate costume. Another tribesman plays a horn.

Not Explicit