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This clip contains footage of artwork and reenactments of events leading to the reformation. It begins with a MCU of a monk performing a direct address and holding a pamphlet with the pope’s official stamp. Dissolves to STILL of a drawing of this monk, his hand over a locked box. Cuts back to the monk. Dissolves to STILL drawing of people in a marketplace, PAN to a man pouring coins onto a table in front of another man. Dissolves to another drawing, zoom in to a skeleton lifting the hat on a monk. Dissolves to a paper with written Latin words. Cuts to a painting of a man counting coins, around him are 3 other men looking on. Cuts to CU of a gold cross. Cuts to CU of a smaller gold cross. Cuts to ECU of a gold emblem. Cuts to painting of a member of the church giving money to a woman, they are both smiling.