This clip contains footage of a boy with a broken leg staying overnight at the hospital. Begins with the mother waiting in the hallway, the boy is wheeled out on a gurney by a male nurse. Cuts to POV shot from the gurney of the ceiling, an exit sign, and the fluorescent lights. Cuts back to the mom, nurse, and boy going down the hallway. Dissolves to the boy in a hospital bed, his mother sits next to him, a nurse walks in, another boy in a hospital bed lays in BG. CU of the nurse. CU of the boy laying on the pillow. CU of the mother, then back to the boy. Cuts to 2 officers pushing a gurney into a room, the mother enters behind them. The officers unbuckle the boy from the gurney. Cuts to a nurse taking an x-ray of the boy’s broken leg. Cuts to a doctor and nurse casting the boy’s leg. Cuts back to CU of the boy in bed. MS of the mother, boy and nurse. She picks up a remote by the bed and shows the boy what button to push if he needs anything, then she leaves. The boy sits up in bed and looks over at his roommate. CU of the roommate in his bed building something out of legos, he introduces himself. Various CU of the 2 boys as they talk to each other. MS of the room, a girl with a cast on her leg and crutches enters. MCU of the girl, she is in a white nightgown. CU as the girl puts her cast leg on the bed, it has many signatures. MS of the room.