WS of an airplane pulling to a halt. WS of audience with banner welcoming President Quirino of the Philippine Islands. WS of the president descending the stairs from his jet. CU of guards saluting at the bottom. CU of the president nearing the ground greeting supporters and colleagues. WS of navy personnel saluting the president. Low CU of the visiting president. WS of police motorcade taking the visiting president to his public appearances. CU of the president in the back of a car, as others go by. CU of citizens waiting behind police barricades. WS of the visiting president greeting by New York Mayor William O’dwyer. CU of both men posing for a picture along with others. CU of the mayor and the president talking. WS of John Layton Stewart. CU of John’s face. MS of Stewart and others getting into a car. WS of their car driving from the landing strip.

Not Explicit