This clip shows some adult stores in Denmark, and features shots of several storefronts and a woman looking through a porn magazine. Camera moves past some porn images on a wall, dissolve to a shot of some porn magazines on display. Dissolve again to an older woman looking through a porn magazine, she also presents the photos to the camera. CU on the images in the magazine as she flips the pages. Dissolve to MCU of the woman holding the magazine; camera comes in closer to it. Cut to some porn being played on a monitor though it is blurry, CU of the porn on the monitor, in focus this time. Cut to a man looking through a magazine in front of a store counter where two woman stand behind in MS. Next a shot from the inside of a car going down a city street at dusk. In the next shot it is night time. Cut to some shots of storefronts, sometimes people look inside the windows. A woman smokes in pigtails before a store window in MWS, then there is a CU of some of the products in the window. MWS of a man behind a counter in one of these adult stores.