A little Asian-American boy smiles. He is wearing a black hat, a beige jacket and a red-striped bow tie. He is holding a cane. A man with a navy suit, a woman with a brown coat and glasses, and another woman with a light gray hat and a gray coat is holding a red handbag and a black-striped muffler. One of two women and the guy are walking toward and the little kid is running toward. He is teasing with his tongue to the camera. A white bird and a hand giving a piece of cookie to the bird. The bird is pecking at it and eating. The big white sign of Belmont City Limit on the street. A tall pink landmark which says Pullman Ave. and Coronet Blvd. On the background, there is a village with many houses. A red car comes and a shot of a gray house and a navy car. Next to them, there is are lots of wooden boards. A man is walking on the street. The man is pointing at some point next to two women on the street and two ladies are following him. The Asian boy is running holding an ice cream and smiling. One Asian couple gets out of a car. They are having some stuff on their hands. Close up of the boy eating the vanilla ice cream cone. He is wearing a red-striped shirt. He has a very playful look. People are coming. A baby little Chinese girl with a yellow dress toddles around. She is chewing something. One woman is holding the girl at a balcony. The baby is looking here and saying hello to the camera. They are laughing. Three men are looking under the wooden building. Two women are walking along the street.